Friday, 28 February 2014

3 Killer Strategies to get High Traffic for Pay Per Click Marketing

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‘Pay Per Click’ is an efficient marketing tool that can get good amount of traffic for the website. There are several strategies and tools used by different pay per click companies, however, not all are efficient or powerful enough to get the expected results. To make sure that the pay per click marketing harvests notable results, it is important to have precise knowledge about the strategies and tool usage. Along with those, some of the below mentioned tips will help you ensure that all your efforts are put in the right direction.

•    Using Negative Keywords:

The success of PPC is based on keywords. You have to do efficient keyword research to frame your business strategies and execute them accordingly. When analyzing the profitable keywords, the focus has to be on both the niche relevant keywords and negative keywords, as this will help you to prevent showing the unrelated keywords. If you are a beginner, then it is better to consult the best SEO Company or PPC Company in Arizona to ensure every aspect is handled professionally.

•    Surviving the bidding war:

In PPC, one has to bid for the keywords. Many people get fussed up in this bidding war by losing more money in comparison to making it. You should rather carefully lay down the certain precise bidding principles. Understand the bidding strategy and focus on your keywords instead of going deep into bidding war.

•    Working on Ad copy

PPC services in Arizona An expert offering PPC services in Arizona says, “Especially the newbies in the PPC marketing world are eager to see their advertisement floating online. Due to the rush, however it has been seen that people neglect the ad copy by failing to understand its importance.” Ad Copy is the lifeline of the business, therefore, those square inches should be served with as best as one can with the ad copy.

So, these are the 3 most important tips, which one must not neglect when working on PPC marketing.


  1. Probably the biggest mistake people make when doing their own PPC advertising is choosing the wrong keywords just because they want to get traffic. A couple of things to know are 1) General keywords get lots of searches and traffic but are less qualified and less likely to buy. When you're paying for visitors, you want results, not just traffic. 2) The keywords that are being bid on must be extremely relevant to the product/services you are offering. If it was a retail store, would you want to pay for male motor bikers to walk into Victoria's secret? Nothing against bikers, it's just not the target market - and that's what happens when you bid on general, broad keywords. You get lots of untargeted visitors so your ROI doesn't work. If anybody wants help with this, call my buddy Simon here: 256-398-3835.

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