Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Few Inventions behind Change in Online Marketing Strategies

Website designing company
Why do you think is the need of website designing companies growing today? How do you think that e-commerce became successful? There have to be some reasons behind this, and definitely, there are many. Today, we will talk about one of the major reasons behind that, i.e. several inventions that made this possible. Here are some of the important inventions:

•    Have you heard about Netscape Navigator? Introduced in 1994, this proprietary web browser became successful worldwide for searching   web, images, videos, & graphics. The popularity of Netscape started diminishing with the launch of internet explorer in 2000.

•    Another year later, Windows 95 was introduced which changed the computer usage experience. As a consumer-oriented graphical user interface-based operating system, this brought a new craze for using computers worldwide.

•    In 1997, another invention created sensation everywhere and lead to the change in online promotion of the business. PalmPilot gave convenience in using the internet any time on the handheld sets. As a first palmtop computer, the PalmPilot gave new definitions to the internet usage.

•    Since 1998, Google search became a hit for surfing internet. Being appreciated for high speed & precise research results, Google search is till date considered as the king of internet browsing domain.

•    Social media became popular with Facebook. In 2004, the invention of Facebook gave not only the reason of socializing to the people, but it also gave a chance to the business people to make their product brand popularize amidst the target audience. This also gave rise to the social media marketing and shown proven results for several businesses. 

•    Twitter is another social media site, which has proven its worth for sharing thoughts by tweeting. Several business people capably use this for online marketing of products, services, & brands.

•    Why do you think is mobile-commerce or e- commerce websites getting so popular? Also, have you noticed the web development companies or SEO companies giving importance to mobile version of websites? Yes, this change has come due to the popularity & success of smartphones. iPhone is one such smartphones, which has changed the parameters of online marketing.

best SEO company•     Android is operating system launched by Google. The smartphones became efficient and easily operative. Upon seeing the popularity, several business people even announced various android based mobile applications promoting business & brands.

These are certain invention, which brought change in life of the people, and thus business people altered their marketing strategies accordingly.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How important is a Mobile Friendly Website for your Business?

What exactly is mobile friendly website?
In this modernity, individuals like to use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These devices have certainly reduced the usage of laptops or desktop computers. Keeping this thing in mind business professionals look out for a web development company that can create a mobile friendly website. Having a mobile friendly website does not only mean that it can be viewed on mobile devices. This is basically designed for the smaller screens, which allows easy navigation via larger touch screen buttons, displaying relevant information and content for the users.
Well, if you already have a website, open it in your smart phone or mobile device. Have your noticed how it looks? Each business site hires a SEO company that focuses on various services, while selecting from several search engine optimization packages make sure that it includes the service of mobile friendly web design then only it is going to be effective and useful for your business.
Here are some of the reasons that why this mobile friendly website is important for a business:

·         Rise of the mobile devices
The usage of mobile devices has become affordable and grown from over the last few years. Most of the people have now with them tablets, or mobiles that are great source for hand held browsing. Looking at the increase in sales it can be noted that companies are moving towards to have a site that can be browsed easily by the people on their devices.

·         More usage of internet via online
It can easily noticeable that most of the people use internet or go online via mobile phone. This is also noticed that they go online at least once every day. With the help of this only, one can understand that business popularity can be gained via mobile. This is one of the reasons that why a website requires to be mobile friendly.

·         Cost effective method
One may think that this is the process where one has to spend lots of bucks; but this is not the fact. This is the process where there is a difference of screen, as mobile screens are smaller than the computer ones, so the design has to be done accordingly. PPC companies in Arizona with their latest designs plan and design the site in such a way that it reaches the specific target audience. You will be glad to know that this is relatively cheaper process and not very time consuming as well.

·         Create professionalism
Yes, a mobile friendly website design is a sign of professionalism about the business. No matters if your business is small or large, if it a mobile website, then it is directly increase visitors to your site and buyers for your site to purchase or use your services.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

7 Rookie Blunders behind PPC Campaign Failure

No doubt, PPC is a powerful way to expand the list of clientele, but alas, due to certain puerile gaffes the results get altered. To avoid making the blunders, learn from them. Below is a list of few mistakes that are commonly done, mostly by beginners, go through them and make sure that you do not repeat these:

•    Failing to Implement Geographical Targeting
Geographical targeting is tremendously important and you cannot afford to skip it. Instead of wasting the resources on targeting the areas which have higher possibility of maximum ROI, work upon the areas, where your products/services would be actually demanded (specially the local area).

•    Unable to identify existing match types

this type of mistake is most commonly seen in the fresher & newbies. To understand the power of keyword match type is very important. Suppose for example, ‘PPC services’ is your keyword. Now, have a look at its different match types:
  •     Exact Match: In exact match, only ads are shown when exact ‘PPC services’ is queried.
  •    Phrase Match: In phrase match, the ads having any word or phrase around it like ‘PPC service’ or ‘PPC services Arizona’ is queried.
  •     Broad Match: Broad match is a wider concept, which shows the ads with various variations as well, such as ‘I need guidance for starting PPC campaign’ or any other.
The bid price of the keywords for these matches also varies from each other.

•    Avoiding the benefit of negative keyword:

Negative keywords can be of great benefit to the PPC ad. Let’s take an example to understand this. Suppose, your keyword is ‘pay per click company’; now, if you’ll add affordable or cheap pay per click company with it, then it would be of benefit to you. These are resource draining keywords and can prevent the ad from displaying when unattractive modifiers accompany your broad and match phrase terms.

•    Selection of broad keywords:

Are you targeting upon too broad keyword? Broad keywords are a Big No for PPC ads. If you’ll bid on broad keywords, then it would mean you are directly steeping into the mid of deep competition which have higher chances of saturation, expensive costs, low match, and negative ROI.

•    Failing to test ad:
By testing the ad, it gets easy to identify the loopholes and find out ways to improve the performance. You can easily identify the words, phrases, and propositions, which the target audience find more appealing, and then you can accordingly make changes in the campaign.
While testing the results, do not just focus upon CTR, but also on ROI. Higher click through rates does not mean that your ad is doing good, only an ROI can well explain that.

•    Directing the user to homepage through PPC ad
Do not lead your users to the homepage with your PPC ad. This is a biggest blunder that is committed by the internet marketers. You must conduct thorough research & identify what is important for user and what are they looking for; and accordingly you have to direct them there.

•    Failing to track the conversion rate
There could be no better blunder than this. This is the least one. If you are working on PPC campaign, then make sure that the conversion rate is tested on every level. You can understand the financial returns from the campaign.

The blunders are here, now you have to ensure that you do not repeat them and make your PPC campaign a failure.