Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to manage on-page SEO of E-Commerce Site?

web designing firmIn continuation with the previous blog, we are again going to discuss about methods to boost the SEO of E-commerce sites; but this time, our concern relates to on-page SEO. Every website needs to be optim
ized for getting higher ranking on the search engines. Here, in this blog, we have taken up different aspects that would contribute in optimizing the webpages of the site.

Factors to consider while doing on-page SEO optimization of the e-commerce site:

1.    Site Structure:

For e-commerce websites or online shopping stores, architecture is one of the important aspects that have to be perfect. For better shopping experience, customers expect simplicity as well as assurance of safety. A proper structure that does not require many clicks to reach to the product page from the home page is ideally correct.

While designing the site structure, keywords should also be paid special importance, as this does not only simply surfing for the visitors but also makes a good impression on the search engine crawlers.

2.    Keyword Optimization:
Keyword has always been a key to successful SEO. But several SEO professionals have even failed to keep up with the keyword optimization expectations of search engines. In simpler terms, the SEO expert must ensure that the keywords are used precisely & smartly (without stuffing) in every segment.

There are certain locations on the website, where keywords have to be weaved perfectly, these are:

•    The page title
•    Headers
•    Sub headers
•    Paragraph copy
•    Product descriptions
•    Image file names
•    Image alt tags
•    Meta title and description
•    URLs

3.    Usability:
Website design ArizonaE-commerce website’s aim is to get direct business from customers. As such sites cater to customer’s directly, therefore, it becomes more important to take care of the user’s experience. A happy customer gives more business to the company, and to make the customer happy, a site must have perfect architecture (as discussed above) and payment process. The customer must feel safe while dealing with money matters especially at the time of checkout process. If you can also add live chat feature on the website, then as well, it would be beneficial for customers to handle the dealings.

4.    Internal Linking:
To link one webpage to another internally as well as externally is very important from SEO perspective. If we focus upon the internal linking here, then the online marketing experts have to take care of the aspects creating own anchor text, submission of sitemaps in search engines, etc.

When linking the webpages, one has to ensure that no stuffing is done. Do not pack the webpage with too many internal links, otherwise, that might mark your webpage as suspicious.

5.    Customer Reviews:
For e-commerce sites, customer reviews mater a lot from two aspects. At first, these work as a convincing element to convince other people to buy the product. Secondly, with reviews, websites get new content. From SEO perspective, updating fresh content on regular basis is good for the website ranking.

The web designing firm can add a feature to the website for adding review of the product after shopping. And to ensure that the customers post the review, one can announce special discounts or rewards on next purchase after posting reviews.

6.    Mobile Version of Website:
The inclination of people towards the mobiles and other hand held devices has increased the possibility of m-commerce as well. People are no longer afraid of doing mobile shopping, therefore, it becomes important for the companies to launch their website in mobile version as well and make the online shopping experience of the customers much better.

7.    Social Media Integration:
A good engagement with the target market can make an e-commerce website successful. For better customer-company relation, social media makes great contribution. With having an account on social media sites, it gets easy for the companies to interact with the customers and know about their behavior, likes, & dislikes. This helps a lot in introducing products of customer’s choice as well as promoting the brand.
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For social media marketing of E-commerce sites, it is important to choose the media account wisely. In most cases people go with Facebook or twitter accounts to cater to the target audience easily. However, a thought can be pondered over this as well. According to Forbes, “Google has been explicit that social signals play a role in its algorithm. Twitter and Facebook matter some, but many of the search results from both networks are restricted. Therefore, the network that carries the most weight is Google+.”

So, make decisions wisely and see which activity would contribute to the SEO of e-commerce site.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Golden tips for using You Tube precisely for SEO

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Google is a base for every SEO strategy or tactic as in 80% cases searchers prefer to use Google for making searches. For the searches, everyone knows that Google presents the relative searches, but another fact that relates to this is that it presents what searchers would like to see. One out of those likings is towards Videos. People like to see videos and thus Google gives equal preference to them.

This is why it is important to optimize videos especially for the local searches. For effective YouTube Video promotions, here are certain compiled tips from different experts at renowned SEO companies offering SEO services in Arizona.

But before we proceed towards the technical tips, here are some general ones:

•    Content is utmost important for the deriving the benefit of the video. Therefore, it is important to pay specific attention on the subject matter along with the presentation. The experts must work to include the interesting elements to grab the interest of the people.
•    Quality is one of the necessities for optimizing YouTube videos. Videos with poor production quality or low resolution wouldn’t be effective. Remember that if you want people to like & share the videos, then these have to be produced in a very fascinating manner.
•    To promote the business, ‘How-to videos’, which demonstrate the process or method of the particular product/service, are much liked by the people. These not only project the company/business as an expert but also help in attaining better ranking on search engine for relative searches.

These were the basic tips for optimizing videos; now let us proceed towards the technical front for YouTube Video Optimization for local searches.

•    Geotag the videos:
It is important to “geotag” the video and connect it with the geocoordinates of business location. It is simple to this from advanced settings options. Within the Video Manager, there is an option for advanced settings. There, in the search field, enter the business address & click on the search button. This would display the location on the little pop-up map, from where you can further refine the location with the pinpoint marker. Google then converts the information on location into the longitude & latitude.

•    Add website link in the description: It is true that if one adds the site link in the description, that automatically becomes ‘no-follow’ but still adding the link adds to the ranking value.

•    Including NAP: In the frame, include the business name, address and phone number also the website URL. Google’s interpretation algorithms can read the text within videos, thus including NAP would be helpful for the business. You can also include the business name, address and phone details in the video’s audio, as this also gets converted into text transcripts automatically by Google.

•    Using the description field: Do not miss the advantage of the description field, especially of the initial sentences of the paragraph. The description should clearly describe the video’s concept as well as business address, location and phone number.

•    Video Tagging:
Tag the video with business category as well as location. You can smartly include the business keywords to optimize it precisely.
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•     Video association:
It is important to associate the video with business listing in Google Places as well as with Google+ Local Page. With this, it would be easy to spread the video and boost the popularity.

•    Embed the video: Higher number of embeds indicates video popularity. Therefore, embed it on webpage or blog. There lies confusion in several people about hosting videos on website or storing them on YouTube. According to an expert from SEO company in Arizona it is beneficial to house the videos on YouTube.

•    Video Promotion: Promotion of video is definitely important. Companies can use the social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Google+ to promote the video amidst the potential customers. 

If you are looking for search engine optimization packages, then make sure that video optimization services are included in it. You might be looking forward to the economical search engine optimization services, but it is advised to pay prime focus on quality services.