Friday, 31 January 2014

How To Make Your Guest Blog Posts Credible?

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In the post- Is Guest Blogging Still powerful in SEO?, we have discussed that guest posts is still powerful and not dead, but only when it is done in a legitimate way. If you’ll just care about links instead of real content, branding, or community building, then you won’t be able to benefit from this powerful tactic of guest posting.

Here, we have certain tips on how you can make your guest posts credible and save the webpage from getting banned. The guest posting sites just do not allow anyone to post anything; rather they look for authenticity, accuracy, & helpful content and also that links are not just dropped.

•    Do ensure that the content is original. The guest posting sites do not entertain plagiarized content, for which search engine optimization experts use certain SEO tools or Copyscape efficiently.
•    The guest posting sites look up for real people. To show that you are a real author, linking the post with the Google+ page is one good option.
•    It is important to post the content according to the preferences of the community.
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Google would soon be active with its webspam team to identify and penalize those who are making spammy attempts to do guest posting, and trying to work upon the link building strategy with this. For this reason, the guest posting sites needs to be little bit cautious. And you as a guest poster should also stay cautious and prove that you are a real person who is just intending to give exposure to new audience with good, & helpful content.


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