Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Few Inventions behind Change in Online Marketing Strategies

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Why do you think is the need of website designing companies growing today? How do you think that e-commerce became successful? There have to be some reasons behind this, and definitely, there are many. Today, we will talk about one of the major reasons behind that, i.e. several inventions that made this possible. Here are some of the important inventions:

•    Have you heard about Netscape Navigator? Introduced in 1994, this proprietary web browser became successful worldwide for searching   web, images, videos, & graphics. The popularity of Netscape started diminishing with the launch of internet explorer in 2000.

•    Another year later, Windows 95 was introduced which changed the computer usage experience. As a consumer-oriented graphical user interface-based operating system, this brought a new craze for using computers worldwide.

•    In 1997, another invention created sensation everywhere and lead to the change in online promotion of the business. PalmPilot gave convenience in using the internet any time on the handheld sets. As a first palmtop computer, the PalmPilot gave new definitions to the internet usage.

•    Since 1998, Google search became a hit for surfing internet. Being appreciated for high speed & precise research results, Google search is till date considered as the king of internet browsing domain.

•    Social media became popular with Facebook. In 2004, the invention of Facebook gave not only the reason of socializing to the people, but it also gave a chance to the business people to make their product brand popularize amidst the target audience. This also gave rise to the social media marketing and shown proven results for several businesses. 

•    Twitter is another social media site, which has proven its worth for sharing thoughts by tweeting. Several business people capably use this for online marketing of products, services, & brands.

•    Why do you think is mobile-commerce or e- commerce websites getting so popular? Also, have you noticed the web development companies or SEO companies giving importance to mobile version of websites? Yes, this change has come due to the popularity & success of smartphones. iPhone is one such smartphones, which has changed the parameters of online marketing.

best SEO company•     Android is operating system launched by Google. The smartphones became efficient and easily operative. Upon seeing the popularity, several business people even announced various android based mobile applications promoting business & brands.

These are certain invention, which brought change in life of the people, and thus business people altered their marketing strategies accordingly.

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