Thursday, 27 March 2014

Get your Site Optimized With Mobile Version, if You Have Not Done It Yet

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Google has aimed to offer only the best experience to its users, and thus it serves them only with the most relevant & useful search results.  This has made it difficult for the web masters to promote their business online, especially for those, who look up inorganic methods of promotion. Well, search engines have also implemented their parameters upon the mobile searches as well.

Matt Cutts, Google's Distinguished Engineer talked about the importance of Mobile SEO. He says, “Mobile is probably growing faster than anyone in the room expects. He also said that, “Mobile traffic to Google will surpass desktop traffic to Google pretty soon – not in weeks or a few months, but soon.”

So, if you wish to get good business through mobile searches as well, then it is high time you should get custom web design for mobile version & get it optimized aswell. To do so, here are certain tips which would be of great help for you.

•    Checking current content marketing strategies & SEO

Check out the keyword research and conversion measurement status for mobiles, while doing SEO for site on mobile. You can ask the SEO optimization company about the mobile SEO or content marketing strategy that they would implement. But, along with that, you also need to be updated with the latest trends in mobile organic search behavior.

•    Utilizing Google analytics & track mobile segments

Understand the difference between visitor’s actions and engagement with content & brand on mobile and desktop. Analyzing this difference with the Google Analytics & track mobile segments, would make you and SEO company draft effective future strategies. In Google analytics, it is easy to track “Mobile Traffic”, “Mobile and Tablet Traffic” and “Tablet and Desktop Traffic”, so you can easily

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•    Analyzing Page Level & Content-Level Web Presence

Examine engagement, performance, and discoverability of content with content-level or web page-level analytics. This would tell you about the existence of optimization opportunities. If any content is ranking good on search engines, than track those keywords and look for scope of content improvement for further optimization, discoverability, and engagement.

“Very soon mobile devices will exceed traffic from desktop devices so it is high time that brands get prepared for it., as said by Matt Cutt, so make sure you are prepared for the change.

analyze the behavior.

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